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Blue Rhapsody Acryl on Canvas Size: 100 x 70 cm (39 x 28″)

Green Rhapsody Acryl on Canvas Size: 100 x 70 cm (39 x 28″)

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The Healing Power of Color 2024

An Invitational Exhibition
April 7 –  June 7, 2024

About Us: The Healing Power of ART & ARTISTS  is a global community of artists, advocates, and writers dedicated to raising awareness about how art serves as a positive catalyst for enhancing the well-being of individuals, society and the environment.  Read About Us.

“The Healing Power of Color” Invitational Exhibition presents a spectacular array of subjects and styles by artists who are members of one or more of our online galleries (Manhattan Arts International and The Healing Power of ART & ARTISTS) or from our Art Review seriesArt by Master Artists: At the end of this page you’ll find works of art by Master Artists and their quotes about color, including Matisse, Delaunay, O’Keeffe, Kandinsky, Van Gogh, and others.

Art Review

Sandy Iseli Creates Serene and Blissful Nature-Inspired Paintings

By Renee Phillips

Sandy Iseli creates resplendent paintings that convey her spiritual connection and reverence for the natural world. Having mastered creative skills with remarkable versatility, she illuminates the quintessence of all seasons with their intrinsic and diverse qualities and poetic splendor.

In creating her awe-inspiring paintings Sandy uses clear vibrant colors that depict our environment in its idealized, purist form, an artistic choice that also enhances them with a sense of the sublime. Gentle undulating hills that glow with soothing earthtones and fertile lush green pastures, multihued, rhythmic flowers in full bloom, and warm golden sunsets over crystal blue oceans are a few of the many spectacular images that delight our senses and transport us to states of bliss and serenity.

Sandy’s inimitable style shines through her breathtaking compositions that convey harmony and balance, most evident in her superb handling of space, light and shadow. Her ethereal spacious skies and open vistas release a palpable sense of quietude and symbolize  infinite possibilities, freedom, and hope. These artistic attributes represent universal metaphors for our highest aspirations. Her images satiate our appetite in our quest for a better life.

Another superior trait Sandy possesses is her attention to detail, most noticeable in her “Grasses” series. Her calm demeanor is reflected in every single exquisite brushstroke. She transfers her meditative process directly to the viewer. We experience it immediately and it has a profound visceral impact that remains with us.

As an inspirational artist Sandy captures the miraculous beauty of nature and shares feelings of joy, tranquility, and solace. Her art has the power to provide healing energy to individual collectors as well as those in medical and recuperation facilities.

It has been an honor and pleasure to include Sandy’s paintings in the juried exhibitions I have curated including “The Healing Power of Color”, “The Healing Power of ART Inspired by NATURE”, and “HerStory” 2023.

~ Renee Phillips, Director and Curator, Manhattan Arts International, NYC, NY