about the artist


Sandy Iseli

It’s all about nature, which is my greatest source of inspiration.

I paint with acrylics on canvas and love vibrant colors. With every painting, I always start at the top of the canvas, where my journey begins on the way to an unknown destination.

It’s exciting to see what happens during this journey. I paint because it gives me great joy to be creative with my heart and hands. As a child growing up in the desert in Las Vegas, Nevada, I always wished we could have had green grass and flowers in our yard. Traveling with my parents to many parts of the USA was always delightful for me. The excitement I felt seeing the green pastures and fields of flowers was immense. I came to Switzerland to work as a dental hygienist and am still living here since many years.

I enjoy the opportunity to show my paintings in various exhibitions in Switzerland each year, Paris and online exhibitions in Manhattan, New York, USA.

It makes me happy when my paintings heighten the awareness of the viewers to celebrate the infinite beauty of nature and the importance of taking care of our world. And to give them a few moments of peace and serenity through the connection to nature.

Sandy Iseli Portrait
Sandy Iseli